pic by  Fernando Baños

I’m Diego restless and dreamy mind behind this project. From here I want to thank my boss for order me off and let me begin this wonderful adventure. But every cloud has a silver lining; this bump in the road allowed me to discover further an unexplored field as wedding videography, which has become my greatest passion and obsession.

Gone are the days of the doubts, fears and insecurities; I clearly know the path I want to follow and where I want to be and you can be part of this adventure that began some years ago and being part of my own story at same time that I telling yours. They say that I´m a f..g romantic, crazy about my work and constantly searching for perfection; It is something that I can not avoid. I am very self-demanding with my work and I always try to squeeze my work to the maximum. If years ago somebody would have define me as extrovert, I would not have believed the fool who had let those words out, but over time it seems to be the case and that is what I love about this work; meet people. Finally a fellow photographer told me that since we shared a wedding, he danced in them. We are an important part of this day and the immersion and empathy have to be total and yes, if you have to dance you dance, why not?


Os ha gustado lo que habéis visto y queréis que estemos con vosotros en vuestra boda. Nos desplazamos donde quiera que lo celebréis!

Elopements o bodas íntimas

La Casa Azul es pionero en Cantabria en realizar elopements o bodas íntimas. Celebraciones, como su propio nombre indica, íntimas en donde los únicos protagonistas sois vosotros dos acompañados, en caso de así necesitarlo, de un maestro de ceremonias.

Aquí puedes encontrar toda la info sobre los Elopements en Cantabria  y a continuación os dejamos con algunos ejemplos