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La Casa Azul ı Estudio Audiovisual

The Cantabrian, the mountains, the light, the friends, the bars, the streets, the passion for life have marked my career. My gaze towards the world has always imagined stories and characters that escape any label and stereotype, always showing a particular vital universe, full of stories, characters …

I am Diego Teja, the restless and dreamy mind behind La Casa Azul. Videographer and photographer, designer, almost lawyer… and for some time Creative Director, as my own colleagues call me. I work in all kinds of audiovisual media and disciplines: graphic design, animation, product, multimedia; without ever betraying my identity as a videographer, my great specialty and what I consider myself to be. That is why the attitude towards any commission is to use the universal and timeless language of cinema that adds value, uniqueness and emotion to my proposals.

Various awards and prizes endorse my career, although the trust of the couples who trust us on their wedding day, or the clients who put their visibility in our hands are the best prizes. Gone are the times of doubts, fears and insecurities; I know clearly the path I want to follow and where I want to go and you can be a fundamental part of this adventure.

They say that I am a fucking romantic, crazy about my work and in constant search for perfection; It is something that I cannot avoid. I am very self demanding with everything I do and I always try to make the most of my work. If they had told me years ago that I am an extrovert, I would not have believed the fool who had blurted out those words, but over time it seems to be that way and that is what I love about this job; meet people.

From 2012 creating memories